The ”I Only Said“ innovative and original series of therapeutic novels, written for adolescents by Dr. Celia Banting, help teenagers cope with their problems so that they avoid the extreme act of suicide.

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“I Only Said” I had no choice
“I Only Said” ‘yes’ so that they'd like me
“I Only Said” I couldn't cope
“I Only Said” I didn't want you because I was terrified
“I Only Said” I was telling you the truth
“I Only Said” I could handle it, but I was wrong.
“I Only Said” it didn't hurt.
“I Only Said” I wasn't hungry.
“I Only Said” I wanted to kill myself, I didn't really mean it.
“I Only Said” leave me out of it.

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The Right Thing

Who is Dr. Celia Banting? Read her harrowing true story of how the "I Only Said" series of therapeutic novels came about.

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