Book 9:  “I Only Said” I wanted to kill myself, I didn't really mean it.

Suitable for ages 9 years and above

Kenny is angry and hates authority figures, but he forms a relationship with Miss Tina who teaches him how to get his needs met without acting up. He eventually understands why adults have to set rules.

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Issues Addressed:

  • Attention seeking behavior
  • Making threats to manipulate
  • Negative family dynamics
  • Abandonment
  • Age appropriate grief process
  • Sleep disturbances/nightmares
  • Enuresis
  • Stroke economy
  • Positive and negative reinforcement
  • Operant conditioning / behavior shaping
  • Guided imagery/symbolism
  • Concrete operational thought processes
  • Parenting and step-parenting skills
  • Firm boundaries
  • Aggressive behavior and consequences
  • Freewill and choices
  • Expressing authentic feelings
  • Coping skills